wtorek, 16 grudnia 2008

It's the morality, comrade

Former member of the communist party PZPR labels the presidential veto to one of the parliament's legislative acts as 'immoral'. The picture shows the front page of Gazeta Wyborcza's portal. What a bad joke.

Balcerowicz applied and was accepted to the communist party in 1969, when he was 22. This was shortly after the brutal suppression of the Prague Spring and after the anticommunist demonstrations in Poland and the following repressions of 1968. Right after the antisemitic campaign led by the communist minister of interior comrade Moczar.

In 1978-1980 Balcerowicz worked at the Institute of the Fundamental Problems of Marxism-Leninism which was under direct supervision of the Central Committee of PZPR.
This was as far away from morality, decency and reason as you could get.

Balcerowicz is responsible for massive pathologies of the early 1990s. He is the hero of the communist nomenklatura, who could do with the state enterprises whatever they wanted. And so many did overtake (read: stole) public property and suddenly became owners of e.g. the factories where they worked as directors. There was absolutely no control over the management of the state property. The communist fortunes have risen thanks to Balcerowicz. The ministry of finance and many other ministries at that time were run by the communists. Balcerowicz did not lift a finger to introduce change and bring in new people without communist ties who were not corrupt by the communist regime.

Balcerowicz is responsible for the corruption of those times and for sweeping various scandals under the carpet. The former owners of land, buildings and factories that were confiscated by the communists after WWII in most cases were not able to recover their property. The new cast of communists-turned-capitalists was born. The apparatchiks and collaborators of the communist secret police had all the support they needed. The rest of the population had no chance in this race.

The communist 'moralists' (how is that for an oxymoron?) from Gazeta Wyborcza should start the project to build a mausoleum for their hero, comrade Balcerowicz, who served their party fellows so well.