niedziela, 20 grudnia 2009

Resign. Time to go

The recent corruption scandal in the government showed the painful misery of the government led by Tusk and the entire Platforma Obywatelska, the party created artificially by people with strong ties to the communist secret police.

Donald Tusk, Platforma Obywatelska, Civic Platform, prime minister of Poland, premier, korupcja, corruption, afera hazardowa

The calls for Tusk's resignation are not seen or heard in the media. This is Orwell's 1984 version 2.0 (or 1984+25), adapted to the age of the Internet. Who said you can't brainwash the population with access to the Internet? Poland is a proof you can do it successfully. In a country deprived of its natural elites (as a result of WWII and the communism imposed by the Soviet Russia) you can control the situation by simply controlling the access into the elite jobs and positions, including the media.

There is very little democracy and intellectual life (as opposed to merely repeating the propaganda) in Poland. Brainwashing is abundant.

One of the basic lines of brainwashing goes like this:

"I am not sure if the black color is black. Some say it is black, others say it is something else. It depends which way you look. You see, saying black is black is a very strong statement and I am not sure if we know all the facts to say so. How can you say black is black if you do not know how this color was obtained? Where did the paint come from? What is it made of? Calling it black is very superficial. You do not know what is inside this blackness. You cannot use common sense to distinguish colors because you can make a terrible mistake and hurt someone. Black is not a fundamental property. What matters is how you define it. And many people define it differently. Saying 'black is black' is unconstitutional. We received a written analysis by one of our favorite experts on the Polish Constitution that the usage of simple phrases such as 'black is black' should be abandoned."

This nonsensical cacophony is meant to stop people from believing their own eyes and ears, to prevent forming their own opinions and convictions, to make use of common sense. Of course you see the thing in question is black. However they showed one of those "special experts" on tv saying that "experts are not unanimous in their opinion, whether you can call it black".

If neither the judiciary system nor media function properly, there is no real democracy. There are voting rules but there is no democracy.