piątek, 24 grudnia 2010

Michnik, Kuroń, junta

My dear Watson, do you think the communist regime controlling everything everywhere in the entire country would have allowed Adam Michnik to obtain a university degree in history in the 1980s? Of course not. The communist dictatorship blocked far more innocent people in their careers, harrassed them and made their lives unbearable. Michnik was allowed to finish studies because he was not a democratic opposition figure. The communists could arrange events pretty much any way they pleased. Michnik worked for the communist regime.

Michnik was born in the communist family who identified themselves with the Soviet Union, not Poland. His father was a Soviet agent in the 1930s and was convicted on charges of treason before WWII. Adam Michnik followed his father's footsteps. Stefan Michnik, Adam's brother was a stalinist prosecutor and is now living in Sweden.

The same goes for Jacek Kuroń. Would the communist regime allow his telephone line function and allow him to make phone calls abroad to the radio Free Europe, had he been a threat to the communist regime? Of course not. Kuroń also worked for the communists.

You just cannot be a friend of father Popiełuszko one day (as both Kuroń and Michnik pretended) and drink vodka with Jerzy Urban some time later (after 1989), and protect general Jaruzelski and Czesław Kiszczak in the eyes of the public opinion. There is no common ground here. It is either-or.