poniedziałek, 22 grudnia 2008

Surveillance by Gazeta Wyborcza

Od listopada ubiegłego roku przeglądano mój blog z biura spółki Agora SA ponad 100 razy. 28 maja 2008 było 16 odsłon mojego bloga spod adresu tej firmy.

Agora SA is the mother company of Gazeta Wyborcza, the leading newspaper in the postcommunist Poland. My blog was viewed over 100 times from the offices of Agora SA since November 2007. On 28 May 2008 there were 16 visits from that address.

Comrade Bogdan Lis

Dziennik Bałtycki 21 September 2007. Comrade Bogdan Lis in an interview before last year's parliamentary elections. English translation follows.

comrade Bogdan Lis, Dziennik Bałtycki, PZPR, Solidarity, Solidarność

English version.
How often do your former friends call you a commie?

Never. They know I believe in what I am doing. Although recently I had an argument with some PiS (PiS - Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) activist in a convenience store near my apartment. I do not know him but he recognized me. However he did not speak to me directly. He talked with the sales lady. He first described how he was overthrowing the communism in 1988 while "Lis and others like him" were nowhere to be seen. Then he showed the banner of Platforma Obywatelska with the slogan "The rules of PiS - contempt" and continued to speak to the lady, "You see, they should be beating them with the police sticks and lock behind bards for things like these". Then I had enough and I said "You know, we remember the times when they were beating with sticks and locked behind bars for hanging posters on the walls". He said "This was good. At least people obeyed the law". He looked like a retired ubek (communist secret police member), trying to cure his frustration in Prawo and Sprawiedliwość. I am not saying everyone in PiS is like that, but it really tells you something that he was not afraid to come out with such views.
Nice scene, nice operational work, comrade. You really have life-long experience of lying and working for the communist dictatorship.

Bogdan Lis was one of the leaders of the Solidarity trade union in the 1980s. In reality he never stopped working for the communists. Faithful member of PZPR (the communist party) and ZMS (The Union of Socialist Youth) he joined Solidarity only to spy on union activists and destroy the Solidarity from within.

What about former secret police functionaries becoming members of Prawo and Sprawiedliwość? There are signs that some of them indeed have joined PiS. They can spy on PiS members from within the party, destroying it while giving an excuse for attacking PiS.

Most likely the scene in the convenience store was arranged. It is a piece of cake for comrade Lis and his friends from SB. The sales lady could then tell everyone from the neighborhood how comrade Lis was defending democracy. Bogdan Lis entered Sejm (the Polish Parliament) as a member of LiD, Lewica and Demokraci, a somewhat repainted communist party.